Following yesterday’s news of Adam Drew becoming head of recruitment and player liason officer we spoke to the new man on the block to get a little understanding of him and his new role, take a read.

Hi Adam, firstly welcome to Concord Rangers Football club, we hope you enjoy your stay with us!

Can you tell us how the move to Concord came about?

“I had been liaising with Sammy since the summer regarding friendly fixtures and potential players he maybe looking to loan out for game time so the relationship started then really. When Jody Brown left Heybridge as manager he mentioned about a potential role for me at the club then but I thought I owed it to Heybridge to stay. Players were leaving straight away so I tried to keep it together as best I could with the asst Karl Duguid. What I didn’t want to do was leave it in a mess, the club had been good to me, so I stuck with it, helped rebuild a very competitive squad for Julian so when the opportunity arose again, I knew I could walk away with my head held high knowing I had left it in a good state.”

You mentioned that Sammy and Jack are making a name for themself in football, how excited are you to be working with them?

“Obviously following football closely in the role I do, I knew that Sammy and jack were starting to build something at Leatherhead, they obviously had a great cup run like ourselves, and you only have to look at what they’ve done at Concord in a short space of time to know they have a good career in front of them. It was a very difficult decision to leave Heybridge as I had a great role but once I had met them face to face I knew it was the right choice.”

And what does your role at Concord entail?

“The role will be a few things I guess. My main role will be to help recruit players. I had already put him in touch with Abs who he actually signed and has done well and I’ve thrown other names at him too that he’s liked so even in this short space of time I’m hoping I have convinced him I can help. As a person I really don’t care what I do. At Heybridge i did the recruiting of players, helped get staff in, did the kit (the cut sock issue did my head In though especially after buying new ones), filled the water bottles up, sorted the programme, the social media, helped setup the swifts tv, organised pre season, etc etc so I am happy to help and improve wherever people want me to! Non league is all about helping each other. Hopefully if I can make a difference somewhere I have done my job”

Can you tell us a little about yourself and what you do outside of football?

“I’m 39, although I’m sure you’ll think I look 21 ???? (I still feel 21) but when your in the changing room with these 18yr olds you start to realise how old you really are… I run a printing business which I have done since I was 16. I’m a sport nut. Football (Southend united fan), cricket, boxing, you name it I watch it. I have two children 6 and 3 who both think I’m in full time football as I never stop tbh. My phone is always on and I’m constantly trying to look for players, ideas. I just want to be the best I can be whatever I do.”

Lastly, in these early stages of being at the club, what have you made of it on and off the field?

“I’ve only been here 48hrs but I’ve had many conversations on players with Sammy before I even joined. Like at Heybridge he appreciates your view, listens and in my role I can’t ask much more really. Like I have said to him, I’ll probably get on his nerves as I’ll be constantly contacting him on various things. So far he’s been superb and everything I hoped he would be to be honest. Under Julian, I had almost a free reign on players, I got them in and he either signed them or didn’t. Thankfully he signed a alot more than he said no to so that’s always pleasing. Off the pitch I can’t believe how good the social media side is etc. Its something we tried so hard to do at Heybridge and it’s so important for the exposure of clubs like ours. As Jody said to me, Monday to Friday you can be as professional as the premier league, it’s only the league your In on the Saturday that changes.”

But I’m excited about the new challenge. I have only heard good things about the club, the management, staff and players so I can’t wait to get going. Let’s hope we can continue the great run we are on and shock a few in this league. One things for sure it won’t be for not working hard!”

Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions Adam, we joke you received a warm welcome at the Aspect Arena tomorrow evening!