Been a long-awaited return, how’s it been back in the playing squad?

Feels good to be back in the squad, did a lot of talking and watching with the lads, so felt good to be back involved in a game. Preparing and thinking about starting and having an impact.

How’s the injury?

The injury is good, I have had a problem with my foot/toe for several years now, which I have always been able to manage, but then become too painful. This operation has already made a big difference and hopefully helps prolong my career.

First and for most the players see u as the assistant manager, how have the reacted to being around you as a player?

I think they have been positive, hopefully, my experience can help them, and hopefully, their legs can help me! I have spent a lot of time on the sideline this season, so now I can be in and around the squad, and on the pitch, it will be easier for me to show instead of telling!

A few faces returning to concord on Saturday, what are you expecting from Hemel?

We know most of their team very well, so we know what to expect. They have had a good start and have players that can hurt you, so we will need to be aware of that while concentrating on our strengths also.

Who are you most looking forward to playing against that group?

haha, we’ll all of them! There was a good group of lads, so it will be good to see them but as with any football match things like that go out the window, we have a job to do and each week brings a fresh opportunity for points. So that will be our aim like any other week.

Been a tough October without a win in 6, how is the moral?

it has been a tough month in terms of results, although perhaps that does not fully reflect the performances. The Hungerford game we had to accept was not good enough, and as a squad, we have tried to use that as a turning point. That was reflected in our performance last week against Havant, where although we didn’t get any points, it gives us something to build on performance-wise.