The Beachboys start their pre-season fixtures on Saturday 9th July away to Waltham Abbey (1pm), and we caught up with manager Adam Flanagan to get his thoughts on pre-season, and also the 2016/2017 fixture list which was announced yesterday.

How is pre-season training going, and what are you looking for from the 1st game on Saturday?

Pre –season is going as expected for this time of year and all the players are working hard. We have a healthy amount of new players who have come in and who are fighting for a place within the team.  On Saturday I will be looking to play as many of the trialists as possible and I am looking for them to showcase what attributes they have and what they could add to the team.


The fixture list for next season is now out, and what are your immediate thoughts on it?

Generally I look at the league and think every game is tough. Last season as it progressed and the league positions of teams became established you could recognise the games that were going to be tough against teams nearer the top and then the games you should be winning against the teams at the bottom. For us however we performed better in the harder games than we did in the more winnable ones so nothing can be taken for granted.  We have a tough start but you have to play everyone twice over the course of a season so what does it matter.


How do you see the league as a whole this season?

I think it will be a tougher league this year. Many of the teams down the bottom last season could find themselves closer to the top – St Albans & Margate. Chelmsford will have more about them this year with Rod in charge so I am expecting things to be challenging. With East Thurrock coming up this season I feel this has taken an advantage away from us that we have had in previous season as while Chelmsford have always been top end on financials we have been able to appeal to players who want to play football at this level where money isn’t the pure focus. East Thurrock coming up can now offer this as well so we find ourselves competing for the same pool of players and then finances do talk.

Neither less I don’t like to get lost in finances, similar to last year, I will put together the best possible team / squad and I feel with a bit of strengthening in a couple of areas we will be ready to upset people yet again and hopefully continue to progress the club forward.



Adam was chatting to Chris Clark.