In the build up to Saturday’s game away to Hemel Hempstead we spent some time chatting to manager Adam Flanagan about his current thoughts, and this weekend’s game.

How determined are you and the players to turn around this run of poor results?

I am always pushing myself to do better and in every moment I look at myself first and ask if I could have done something to improve things. Players need to be doing the same as it is evident that we haven’t seen the best from the players that we have. We have proven Vanarama South level players yet as a player you can’t live on reputation you have to deliver every game, every week for every season. Confidence is low but players need to have inner belief within them that things will turn around and the fight in their bellies to go out onto the pitch and make it happen.  In fairness the players work hard in the week during training yet this hasn’t transposed over into our matches just yet.

What is the key to getting victories at this level?

From what I have seen so far to stand the best chance of getting victories at this level you need to minimise the mistakes that you make, become difficult to beat as a team and be ruthless in front of goal. All three areas we need to improve within but more so the first two.  I would add to that also that every player in our starting team and coming off the bench must be at the very top of his game to give us a chance of winning and sadly so far this season we haven’t had the consistency of performance from players week in and week out.

What have you learnt about management in this division?

I feel I am learning every week, the teams and players we play against, the different formations and tactics used by different managers so the learning curve has been extremely steep.  Outside of this I have started to understand that our financial reach is dwarfed by most teams at our level and also by clubs at the top end of the league below. That we must recruit players who are hungry to do well at this level and finances are not the be all and end all. I have also learnt that in football 7 days is a long time and a lot can change so we have another opportunity on Saturday to put things right and get back on track.

Having played Hemel already this season, can anything be learned from the previous meeting?

I thought we performed poorly against Hemel especially in the second half. I thought on the day that they moved the ball well and had a lot of experience within the team. They could pass the ball well and also had options to go more direct into the tall forward. I thought on the day I got our tactics wrong and so we will go into this game with a different approach this time round.


Adam was speaking to Chris Clark.