One of the new face’s at the Aspect Arena will be Alex Akrofi, who has joined the Beachboys on a loan deal from Maidstone Utd until the Christmas/New Year period 2016.

We caught up with Alex to find out what appealed to him, when the Beachboy’s came calling and a pre-season challenge is laid out…

Why did you decide to sign on loan for Concord Rangers?

There were plenty of positive factors that swayed me towards Concord Rangers – obviously the opportunity to work with the boss again was a big factor. In my short career so far, I’ve played my best football under him, so I’m looking forward to playing for him again! Another key factor for me was how impressive Concord were when I played against them twice last season. The boys are hugely competitive and have a chance of winning every game they participate in, so that was also a big pull for me.

For anyone who hasn’t seen you play before, what are your key strengths?

I’m a striker, who likes to play on the shoulder of the last man, I’m keen to use my pace to either stretch the opposition or create space for my team-mates.  Any ball over the top and I want to use my pace to score goals or create.  I will give everything for my team-mates.

Do you set yourself again goal targets at the start of each season?

If I can get 10 goals by Christmas, I’ll be delighted with that. More importantly for me, is that the team does well!

You mentioned your pace earlier, now Steve King is pretty lively…would you be willing to take him on in a sprint?

Haha! I’ve heard he’s one of the fastest out there…I’m sure we’ll get a moment to have a race in pre-season!!





Alex was chatting to Chris Clark.