How does it feel to score your first senior goal?

Obviously it feels great to score my first senior goal. I was buzzing last night, as most people could probably tell. However there’s still a lot more I need to work on in my game. I learnt a lot last night from Scopesy and the management team on when and when not to press which was a part for my game I needed to work on.

How has Scopsey and management helped you in the last year?

They’ve helped me a lot in this last year and being round the group last year helped me massively. The management team are always giving me advice on my positioning which really helps me. Scopesy always takes time to talk 1-2-1 on my game, he always offers me the best advice which is very helpful.

You have the likes of Lee Minshull and Danny Green which is great to listen to them, especially with the experience between them two it really does help my game. I’ll always listen to the management team as they know what’s best for my development.

What does this goal and yesterday’s strong performance do for your confidence?

It’s helped my confidence on the pitch however I’m going to continue working hard. I am still learning from Scopesy and the players as well. The most important thing is I get game time whether that be on loan or at Concord, it’s up to the gaffer and his team to decide that. I’ll take on board what they say then move from there.

What are you hoping from the remainder of pre season?

Just to get some minutes and improve my own game. I still have a a lot to learn from the team and they are always helping me improve my game. Hopefully I can push on to the first team for the upcoming season or venture out on loan somewhere and get some minutes.