This coming Saturday, 25th April, was scheduled to be the last day of the 2019/20 National League South season (excluding playoffs). All being well, at the time I’m typing this I would have been preparing my final programme notes of the year as we were due to host Dulwich Hamlet, looking back at all that’s happened to the Beachboys over the last 9 months, and looking forward to a summer that should have included the European Championships and before that, maybe even a trip for our lads to Wembley.

Instead, we’re in our umpteenth week of lockdown (I’ve lost count of the days/weeks at the moment), missing our loved ones, our friends and family, and doing all we can to stay safe and clear of this deadly virus that has sadly taken so many lives around the world over the last few months.

Not much has changed since I last put fingers to keyboard and wrote an article, we still remain blissfully unaware of what the future holds for our club after what has been an eventful season so far. We continue to ask the same questions as to what will happen to the league, will we have an end to the season or will it all be declared null and void like those leagues below us, and will we get a chance to finish our historic FA Trophy run.

The professional leagues above us haven’t given us any clues yet either, they remain in limbo waiting for a decision to be made, the latest statement being that they are looking to resume operations when it is safe to do so. Internationally, Belgium have taken the decision to end their season with the current standings set to be fixed, meaning Club Brugge will be declared champions. This is expected to be ratified by this coming Monday. The Dutch Eredivisie is likely to be cancelled as well, but no final decision has been made yet, while Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and La Liga all plan to restart their seasons eventually (according to the BBC).

Rest assured, as soon as we at the club know anything at all regarding our season, we’ll be making sure you guys, the supporters, players, and our Beachboy family know as well.

Of course, while everyone is in lockdown, football clubs are desperately searching for content to keep their fans entertained and busy. Some have been live tweeting old games (personally I don’t get that, but that’s just me), some have been getting involved in esports/online gaming, and others have been looking back at memorable moments and interviewing old players. Whatever they are doing, there is plenty of content out there, and we’re no different. There’s been some quizzes posted on our twitter feed by our very own Chris Clark, who also runs the YAMC podcast (who have all their old episodes available to listen to online via iTunes etc), we’ve seen people put together their ultimate Concord XI (which caused a few heated discussions between fans and former players!), and where we can find inspiration, there’s articles appearing on the website (I include this one in that).

But even with that, if you’ve got a suggestion for some online content, let us know. A club like ours is run on volunteers, and while we love the club and what we do, there’s always room for more ideas and inspiration. Get in touch on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, keep the conversation flowing, and we’ll be through this lockdown in no time!

In closing, on behalf of everyone at the club, thank you to all our key workers than continue to keep our NHS going, that keep our public transport moving, and our food cupboards stocked. We miss our beautiful game, but it’s a small price to pay if it means more people get to live to see another day.

You Are My Concord!