How good does it feel to be with the Beach Boys next season?


It feels good to be at Concord for another year! We had some great moments and memories last season, hopefully we can push on and do even better this season!


Being a local boy, it must be great to play at Concord?


Yes, definitely. It’s very much a family club at Concord so it is great to be involved in such a great environment.


Last season you scored 8 goals and kept 9 clean sheets on top of winning the League’s December Player of the Month Award, was this a successful season?


Personally I felt like I had a good season. I think overall we had a good year looking at the three Cup runs we went on and where we could’ve ended up in the league.


What can we expect to see next season from you and the team?


As a team we will never give up! Hopefully we can continue where we left off and make some more memories for everyone involved with the Club and the supporters.



Pollock: “I just want to say ‘Thank you’ to everyone at the Club and all the fans for the support last season. I’m really looking forward to be out there with all the fans again.”