Heading into the 2020/2021 season, Dan Scopes has announced the Backroom Staff for the big season ahead, writes Euan Rourke.


Dan Scopes – First Team Manager

Lee Minshull – Assistant Manager

Adam “All Round Legend” Drew – Head of Recruitment

James Roach – Head Coach

Danny Green – Player/Coach

Abbie Garwood – Physio

Scott Wagstaff – Analysis

Darren Leech – Kit Manager



Dan Scopes Interview


How pleased are you with the Management Team going into next season?

I was really pleased with the management team we had last year and they worked so hard for the club and for the team to be ready to perform.

The team will be stronger with a season behind us and also adding Scott Wagstaff as our analyst and Danny Green as player/coach will only make us better as a team.


Nathan left the club for another role, how important was he last season?

I would like to say a big thank you to Nathan who has moved on. He was a big part of the team and will be missed. He wants to do his coaching courses and also to play football when possible, so time to fully commit would have been hard for him.

However, he will still remain part of the team on the outside, with some scouting of players teams when possible.

Nathan will always be welcome at the Club and I am sure he will not be a stranger at the Aspect Arena.

Was keeping the management team as important as keeping the majority of the squad?

I think they go hand in hand and continuity as much as possible is important. We are all hungry as a Management Team to do well and will work hard to make sure we progress and develop, as we hope will the team.

Continuity is good, but also, I have to do what is best for the Football Club and try to improve the management team and the squad of players as it helps us as a Club.


Where does the club go from here with plans for next season?

We’re still a little bit of the unknown without a start date, which we understand. We are trying to get some of our business done early so we can hit the ground running whenever we need to be back.

I think the longer it goes on, the more players that could be available to the Club. We would like to show some commitment to players, but will have to see what becomes available to us the longer it goes on. We’ll also have to see what is best for the Football Club as that will always be the main focus.


How would you describe the bond between everyone in the Management team?

I think you if get honest, hard-working positive people together, you will not often have any problem and that’s what we got. We all have a say and all have vital parts to play with the best interest of the club at heart.

It is about trying to let them use and bring their own strong skills sets so we all develop together.