How has life at Concord Rangers been so far?


Life at concord has been great! The coaching staff and the players welcomed me when I arrived, making feel like a part of the team. This helped me build confidence in myself and trusting my teammates.


This was key for me to settle down and now I feel at home when I step into the changing rooms.


Was there anyone specific that help you settle in at the Club?


I believe Lamar Reynolds was a key person who helped me settle in. Adam Drew [Head of Recruitment] also helped me as I came into the Club.


You moved to the National League South at a young age, was this a big step up for you?


To be honest, I have always believed in my ability to play at a high level. I still aspire to push up the levels and play in the Football League, those are my main aspirations.


It is always difficult to move up the ladder especially from the level I came from at my age with the new crowd and the pressure put on you, but I believe I’m a confident arrogant player so I can deal with these situations.


What has been your highlight so far for the Club?


My highlight would most probably be my first goal for the club. It was a great achievement registering a goal for such a great club and as much as I would have loved to push on and carry on the good form I was in, that match is one thing I will treasure from my short spell towards the end of the season.


It’s always a delightful moment to score your first goal for the club. For me it was like a load of weight off my shoulders. I came in as a #9 who has had good numbers everywhere else and I wasn’t yet fulfilling or living up to the expectation of my previous stats. In the moment it was back to business, focus on the game and afterwards I was very joyous.


What are your goals for next season?


I’m looking forward to the season ahead and I have a lot of aspirations in terms of my individual goals but also team aspirations. I want to help the team to win the league I want to help the team in terms of creating goals and lead the team in terms of scoring. I’m very excited for the season ahead as I have been working during this unfortunate pandemic and I am excited to join the squad and help them in every way possible.


What is the team spirit like (from what you can tell since you joined and in the current situation)


The team spirit has been very strong. Since I’ve been at the club from the first to the last training session, the Manager and the Coaching Staff make it a priority to interact with all players before the start of each session. This helps the squad morale giving us the confidence to go out and perform and we also take this into matchday. During the pandemic, the Manager and Coaching Staff have made it eminent that we all stick together and encourage the whole squad to work hard and keep our fitness levels up. This shows the family image growing through the team as they have been checking up on the team and make sure nobody feels alone in this awful situation for football and most especially for the National League.