How pleased are you to be playing football at the Aspect Arena next season?

I’m buzzing! After a really solid season last year, it’s something that I want to build on. I really feel like I can bring even more to the team than I did last year!

Playing a huge role in the FA Trophy journey, you must want to finish it?

Yeah for sure. I was fortunate enough to have some big moments in the trophy, the team were brilliant & that’s something I’m really hoping we can finish!

How do you think the team can build on last season?

Well I think you only need to look at how young our team was last year. As a team, we’re a year more experienced & we are a tight bunch, after having really only met last year. So I think we can definitely push for more success!

What are your hopes for next year?

Personally, I want do better than last season and build on it. I really want to continue to show that I’m one of the best in the division, that’s the goal!

As a team, let’s aim as high as we can. Take it week by week and see where that takes us, I feel confident about it!

How much did you enjoy your time at the club?

Most enjoyable year of football I’ve had! But I’m hopeful this year will be even better!