Chris Haigh after joining the BeachBoys in the Summer from Heybridge Swifts, has had an excellent start to his Concord Rangers career, and he’s really enjoying his time at the club, as he explained to us “I’m absolutely loving it, I’ve come up a couple of leagues and I feel really comfortable.  The difference at Conference South level is that any mistake in this league is punished, you don’t get away with much at this level! But I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every part of this season so far.

Haigh has made some eye-catching saves this season, and Chris agrees that this is a strength of his game – “Shot stopping and distribution are my biggest strengths.  I like to think my kicking from the floor and hands is solid, and I’ve almost had a couple of assists this season. I’d like to get one this season! I know I’m not the finished product, and can always work on various things.  I think I can work on my voice projection.  As a goalkeeper you cannot let anybody switch off, this is something I can improve.  Also coupling this with a high starting position, these things can only improve my game.

The Beachboys season has been littered with good runs, and bad runs and Haigh agrees that consistency is the key in the league “Look we’ve done ok.  On our day we can beat anyone in this division, we’ve had some cracking performances against some of the top sides, but then fallen short of expectations against the lower positioned opponents.  There is plenty of promise, but we need to turn that into consistency.  It’s what we’re all striving for.”

Chris has won the fans Player of the Month twice so far this season, and is proving to be a fan favourite, something he is really proud of – “As a goalkeeper, you’re naturally the closest physically to the fans, and I love interacting with them all, especially the young aspiring players. I really love that.  Those awards are great for be on a personal level, as it shows I’m doing something well, that being said, I’d much rather have the three points on a Saturday.”

Chris sometimes has won Man of the Match awards, when to some fans he hasn’t done enough in the game.  Chris took this question in good spirits- “To be honest, it’s slightly embarrassing, but on the other hand it’s amusing to see how much it winds Adam Drew up! Saying all that though, I would prefer to win them, when I deserve them!”



Chris Haigh was chatting to Chris Clark.