Statement On behalf of Concord Rangers Football Club


We have taken the decision to re-commence our season next Tuesday 9th February.

We are unable to fulfil this weekends fixture due to player safety (we have notified the league)

This has probably been the hardest week in football I have ever had in 20 years of being Chairman, along with the worry of virtually all of my family being struck by covid (I somehow have escaped at present)

I have had the benefit of talking and listening to many representatives of other clubs throughout the country, all with different levels of problems and uncertainty (and some it seems with none), thank you all.

We have taken this decision with the hope of some funding in the very near future from Sport England, & I can confirm that we have received our funding pack this evening.

I tried my hardest to get another extension on the suspension of the league, but the competition remained firm. I also had a call with Mark Ives today that I am grateful for, and I thank him again for his work in trying to help us out of this mess we have found ourselves in.

We have funds to see us through the next few weeks and hope by then we will have a decision on funding that we can then decide our future for the rest of the playing season (vote allowing).

I wish everyone of our fellow clubs the very best in such unprecedented times.

And to all our brilliant supporters and sponsors, thank you