Another new face for the Beachboy’s is Dean Mason.  Dean joins us from Lowestoft Town for the 2016/2017 campaign, and we found out more about Dean and what he will bring to the team next season…


What does it mean to you to sign for Concord?

I’m very happy to have signed for Concord, I have heard nothing but good things about the club and the management team.  I’ve already played under Glen at Canvey and enjoyed my time a lot playing under him there, so I’m sure the enjoyment and success will continue.  Secondly I’m also happy to be back playing closer to home as the travelling was starter to take it’s toll on me playing for Lowestoft Town in the Conference North.

So being fit and fresh for next season, what are your aims for the 2016/2017 campaign?

When you start any season, promotion should always be the aim for any team.  Personally, I will just work hard for the team and do my bit to help the club push for that promotion.

In working hard for the team, do you have a favourite position to play?

I’ve played various positions over the years.  If I was to say a favourite it would probably be just behind the striker, but I also enjoy playing on either side of midfield.

You mentioned playing for Glen at Canvey, do you agree that Concord are the biggest club on the Island?

“Haha…both are great clubs and the rivalry between the two sides does bring that extra bit of competitiveness and excitement for the fans, and for everyone connected with the two clubs.  I’d say Canvey has had good success in the past, however in recent years it is Concord who has had the most success, what with playing in a higher division.  Concord is also a club which continues to push in the right direction…so for me Concord are the bigger club.




Dean was chatting to Chris Clark.