After the deals were complete in the Holiday Inn, Brentwood today I gave the lads a call to get their reactions on becoming Concord Rangers latest signings.

Welcome to Concord Rangers to you both, its a busy time of year for players like yourselves, what attracted you to join Concord Rangers with so many clubs fighting for your signature?

‘The ambition of the club and the direction they are heading was a massive attraction to join Concord Rangers’ Said Tosin

‘Not only are they making plans short term but they are making plans for the future which made me certain it was a great place for me to play my football’ Added Tosin

‘As soon as I met the gaffer I knew this and the clubs ambitions matched my own and that made me feel that it was a place I wanted to be’ said O’Donoghue

You both settled in with last season at Haringey Borough in the Bostik premier. How do you feel you will settle in moving up a league?

‘I am looking forward to testing myself against some massive clubs and also many players that have huge football league experience’ Said Tosin, the former Boro Skipper.

There seems to be a big reaction on social media when the news broke earlier today. I can tell you both were a big part of the Boro set up. How hard was it to leave Boro?

‘It was always going to be tough for us both to move on but a step up in leagues and a move to Concord was something i couldn’t say no to’ Said Micky

Tosin added ‘We have some great memories from our time at Boro but its time for us to make new ones’

Concord Rangers are very busy with recruitment to reshape the squad, the gaffer and his staff are building a very young and exciting team. What do you think you can add?

‘We both have the desire to win and succeed and them traits match the Gaffer’ said Micky

Adam Drew has been a busy guy this summer, how much impact did he have on this move?

‘He wouldn’t give me a yard’ joked Olufemi

Olufemi added ‘I’ve known Adam a few years now from previous encounters. He was a big part of me coming here, he not only spoke highly of myself but of the club, Staff and players’

Micky added ‘he’s the man that made this all possible and made it such an easy decision for us both to join him here’

Head of recruitment Adam Drew added, ‘I am over the bloody moon to sign these two. Arguably the best two full back outside the national league!’

‘I’ve admired them both for some time now and can’t wait to finally work with them’ Added Drew

Danny Scopsey was also ecstatic with today’s business. ‘Tosin is a leader on and off the pitch while being very hungry to carry on progressing and he is a perfect fit for us’ said The Gaffer.

Danny added ‘Michael was the standout left-back in the Isthmian Premier League last season.’


Big thank you to the guys for taking time out to give us there reaction to joining The Beach Boys.