I’ve written and spoken about the emotional rollercoaster that following a football team can provide many a time before, but admittedly the majority of the dips I’ve experienced have come historically from supporting West Ham United. Being involved in Concord Rangers over the last 7 years, as a fan, programme editor and committee member, has generally been a time full of positivity and success. Yes there have been some tough losses and tests over that time, but it’s generally turned around quite quickly.

Not this time though, the start of the 2016/17 season has been the toughest I’ve seen in my short time as a part of this club. Now I know for a fact there have been tougher times over the years for the Beachboys, but that was well before I was here and as such can’t really comment with any sort of conviction!

At the time of writing we are 9 games into the season, and currently sit on 3 points, without a win and scoring just 3 goals. Last season, after 2 wins, we did have a run of 5 losses, but the thing was that the side were still scoring goals, and a win was earned to break the bad run, but it’s not quite been that way for the side this time around.

It’s at times like this though that the support of the fans is needed more than ever, its all well and good cheering your team on when things are going well and wins are piling up, but backing the boys when things are going badly is just as vital. Every fan is entitled to their opinion, they pay their money to watch their team play and to be vocal on the side-lines or in the stands, but your team get enough grief and abuse from opposing fans (I know, I’ve done it before to Concords opponents over the years).

Every game is an opportunity to turn things around and start that winning run needed to climb the table, the lads will be working their backsides off on the pitch to make sure of it (check the determination & fight that started to kick in this past Tuesday vs Stortford), and this weekend against Weston super Mare, even after a loooooong coach journey, will be an ideal time to kick start our season.

A quick fact about Weston-super-Mare, whilst not a side to be taken for granted, we’ve not lost to them since the first time we played them way back in our first National League South season (Skrill South, 2013-14), so history and form between the two sides favours Concord Rangers. But as we all know, anything can happen in football, events during those 90 minutes can surprise even the most knowledgeable of football fan/player etc.


You Are My Concord!