Which do you prefer getting forward to help create a goal or a great tussle with a winger  to stop him doing his job? (Brian Jones)

1. Hi Brian, I personally enjoy a bit of both to be honest but I prefer to get forward and help create chances for the lads, it’s a team effort!

What’s the pre-match routine like? Like you have to put on a right boot before the left etc (Andy Wilkins)

2. Thanks for the question Andy, yh I’ve never been a superstitious person, I just like to stay in my own zone and listen to some good music in my headphones before a game. Also I always pray before I play.

What position are you aiming to play? Full back or a more advanced role? (Jimmy Marshall)

3. Its more likely to be a  defensive roll similar to what I’ve been playing at recent clubs I.e. Leatherhead, Eastleigh etc. Thanks for the Question, Brian!

How does it make you feel being part of this super team? With all this talent. (Ambrose Gates)

4. Hi Ambrose, with a lot of good talent in the squad I’m prepared for an exciting season ahead, I think the squad is really balanced when it comes to terms of talent and skills.

Have you set yourself a personal target for this season?

5. The target for me would obviously to play as many games as possible but promotion is my main focus along with the rest of the lads!

Ronaldo or Messi? (Jack Junior Smith)

6. Messi, easily for me personally, Jack!

You’re part of a 5-a-side team, which other 4 players past or present make your team? (Gary Bracci)

7. Gary it’s gotta be…. Messi. R9 Ronaldo. Ronaldinho. Neymar. Neuer.