CONCORD are delighted to announce that the Football Conference Trust have approved funding towards a £53,000 project which will improve its work with the Castle Point community.

The Trust has pledged £40,000 with the remainder of the working budget coming from private investors and the club for a raft of measures.

It will fund football coaching for local school children, the use of the club?s facilities for six to 18-year-olds, and the chance to offer families concessionary admission to see the Beachboys? first team on matchdays.

The plan would also see a football development director appointed and regular consultation with a new advisory group called The Friends of Concord Rangers, which would be made up of a group of professionals including teachers, sportsmen and women, council officers and local business leaders.

The Football Conference Trust is a charity created to support and develop community programmes at Football Conference clubs.

It is a partnership between the Football Conference, the Premier League and the Professional Footballers? Association.

The Premier League and the PFA have committed to support the Trust until 2017 and have each contributed to a total fund of £5.2m.