Tip: In addition to the daily theme and games, there are several ongoing races each week, such as can drive or coat drive. Adding another philanthropic dimension to your fundraising activities can involve students, parents, and alumni in a variety of ways.
Encourage students to be creative and design a T-shirt for your school! The T-shirt can be used for other events such as homecoming or graduation. Once a design is considered the winner, the shirt is sold to the student.
It is a good idea because any student would love to see their design on a T-shirt worn by their classmates. Graphic design students can use the school’s resources to practice their skills through design. You’ll be surprised how creative students can be to show their school spirit in a fun way!
Tip: This type of fundraising event can make a consistent source of profit for your school each year! You can have the competition be school-wide, or you can have it be by grade only. If your school requires uniforms, you can encourage yourself to dress casually on certain days of the year by buying them.
Invite your family to the school or campus to show off the latest projects your students are working on! Parents, grandparents and siblings can come to the school or campus to see what the students have done. There are discounts, there are spiritual clothes for sale, or organize activities!
It is a good idea because parents and guardians want to be involved in their students’ education. Display the latest items from your school and encourage donations for future improvement!
Tip: combine this with a homecoming or sporting event to encourage support for your school! Colleges can go one step further and host a graduation party at a local restaurant and return some of the proceeds to the school.
Chances are your school already has the equipment and space to host a Battle of the Bands contest, which makes the idea of fundraising easy to implement. Raise money for your school by selling tickets and charging registration fees for bands you want to perform with!
It is a good idea because this activity gives student musicians a chance to reach new audiences! Live music is popular with people of all ages, so you’re not limited by who can attend the event.
Tip: Increase your income by opening a concession stand or allowing bands to sell merchandise. You can also create a judging panel or voting system with the grand prize winning band to make the event more attractive to the audience.
Watching movies is a fun and relaxing way to spend time with friends and raise money for the school. Show a movie that is relevant to the current event, or a classic movie that anyone will enjoy.
Finding a way to raise money for your school or college seems like an impossible task. As it turns out, there are many ways to raise money for sports teams, clubs and field trips. You just need the
If you want to know what to sell at a fundraiser, how to host a fundraiser, or which event will raise the most money for your school, we’ve got it for you.
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Pancakes are an easy to make in your school cafeteria. Serve your students orange juice and a piece of fruit in the custom made jeans. Collect money for your school by the license plate.
It is a good idea because students will enjoy their morning break and have a special breakfast with their friends. A simple breakfast pancake starts at $5 per plate!
Tip: Increase your profits by hosting a pancake breakfast on the weekend and inviting the student’s family! You can also offer additional options such as bacon, sausage, or all the options you can eat at a higher price. Add sweet ingredients such as whipped cream, strawberry or chocolate syrup for an interesting twist.
Choose one week of school year and host daily activities to improve school spirit and raise money! Spirit week can be combined with any other activity, such as a pancake breakfast. Consider other activities such as decorating classroom doors, competition between grades, and baking sales.
It is a good idea because spirit week can help build relationships among your students, encourage teamwork, and encourage everyone to get involved in fundraising.