Firstly, Correy, how did the move to Concord come about?

My good friend Ryan Maxwell, manager of Walthamstow and also the guy who brought me to England, was talking to a few clubs behind closed doors and luckily enough Concord were one of them and was great to be able to finalise everything to sign for the club, which I’m delighted about.

What have you made of Concord’s impressive start to the season?

Obviously the start to the season that concord have had, is brilliant, to be sitting 3rd in the table at this stage of the season in this league says a lot about the team and the club and it’s great to be getting a chance to be part of it all.

Are you excited to play alongside a number of high profile players and a good young manager?

I’m really looking forward to going in and playing with these lads. There’s boys there who have played in the pro game, lads to look up to and learn. They’re all still hungry and wanting to win and hopefully pull off something special this season likewise with the manager who has the same ambitions and that is the environment I want to be around.

Lastly, Correy, what do you think you can bring to the squad?

I believe I can bring my hard work to the squad, I like to dig in and give everything as a player, I’m 100% dedicated to the game. I like to think I have the ability, I’m left footed and I’m quite quick, so I’m hoping I can bring some different but also hoping I can be effective for team but I’ll do whatever I’m asked to do for the team.

Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions, Correy, we look forward to watching you in action tomorrow and wish you a successful spell with us!