James Hammond is part of a Beachboys defence which kept a clean sheet away to Weston Super Mare at the weekend, and we caught up with the right back to find out how important a settled defence is to a successful side.

Are Concord now reaping the benefit of having a settled back four?  Is communication and understanding each other’s game fundamentally important to a defence?

I say the team as a whole is settling down, we’ve had a bad patch of games, where we’ve taken the lead and after one thing or another, the game has taken a spin on its head and we’ve come away with nothing. We’ve also had a fair amount of injuries to contend with. I, myself have spent a lengthy period of time on the physio bed, would like to thank the physio department especially the main physio Meade. The back four that started at Weston know that we don’t warrant a shirt and there is competition for places, but we’ve gelled well, and the fact that we all get along outside of football merits the improved defending that has been taking place. Understanding what the person next to you is good at, and communicating to get the best out of them, is very important as it just makes everyone work off each other, if you know what they are capable of.

You seem a rock steady right back.  What are your main attributes?

My main attributes would be, well that’s a tough one as I have to look through my wide array of talents, within my locker, but I’d say my recovery and one v one defending. I get paid to defend, I like to defend, its what I like doing. I’ll do all the hard work and let people like Ben, Taaffe & Cawley, take all the credit.

If a chance fell to you 12 yards out from goal, would you fancy yourself to finish it?

If a chance fell 20 yards let alone 12, I’d 100% fancy myself to sky it over, but hey you can’t slam a trier. It would get the attempts on goal up at least.

How important is your faith to you, and do you believe it inspires you to greater efforts on the football pitch?


My faiths important to me, it helps me focus on just generally being a nice person and living a good life. It gives me a focal point to base my life around, but when you have people like Ewers at the club, you just have to pray for forgiveness sometimes. Haha. If you didn’t know, Ewers is my half brother on my mums, granddads side. I’m pretty sure you can see the resemblance. 😉



James was chatting to Chris Clark