It’s been great to begin work with the players and start to get to know the people around the club. Everyone’s been very welcoming and I’ve not seen that horrible Canvey weather I’ve heard so much about, so far….

Training has been positive and I was pleased that the players returned in decent condition. We’ve covered many areas of general play and conditioning already, but focused particularly on high intensity workloads within transitional games whilst improving our recovery times, and ability to repeat good decisions under fatigue. That’s basically playing small-sided games where possession changes a lot, and players have to react quickly with regards to the ball & the team shape.

Sorry for the jargon! “Football; a game complicated by fools”.

The lad?s ability to recover quickly has been impressive and is perhaps testament to the standards set by Danny Cowley’s regime. Hopefully some of the new methods are challenging the players, and going to improve them and the team over the long term.

Mike has been impressive in his work with regards to his rehab & conditioning work with Lewis Taaffe, and I’m sure he will return stronger than last year.

Recruitment is going to be key at this level, and with the departing players, it’s become vital that Adam is able to identify and attract the right replacements. Obviously that?s not easy when your resources are dwarfed by Ryman League clubs, let alone clubs at our own very testing level. But there is hard work going on behind the scenes, and plenty of discussion between all the staff, to try and get this right. However, we have a very good core developing, and plenty of reason for optimism. With games starting this weekend, you’ll begin to see the team take shape, and some of the exciting players that have been added so far, one or two of the younger lads may well be ready to surprise people.

There’s still a huge amount of work to be done, and still lots for me and Adam to learn about the group, but we are moving in a good direction and the staff are all bonding well too, which is really important if we are going to be successful in maintaining and eventually improving the clubs recent high standards, the next few weeks will be pivotal so lots of work to be done. I look forward to meeting supporters and experiencing your support over the coming weeks.