John Easterford answered a few questions today as he makes a very tough decision surrounding his football career….


Q: Firstly John, making the decision to depart must have been a pretty hard one to make – what’s brought you to this conclusion now?

A: It’s actually been the biggest and hardest decision I have had to make in my career. It’s not a rushed decision, it’s something I have discussed with my number one fan my dad for a long time. I have decided to part company with Concord because I feel it’s the best decision for myself and the club. The last 2 seasons I have been having injury problems constantly and it’s got to point where I need to change something. My body is not letting me do the things that I want to in my head and I feel I can’t give the club any more than I already do. I have worked hard in the off season to get myself in shape for the season ahead, and anyone who knows me knows I have worked hard, I have lost over 2 stone and feel physically good. Unfortunately my body has different ideas and keeps letting me down. Only 3 games in to the season and already I’m out injured for a couple of weeks. There gets to a point where I am getting fed up of it, and I am at that point, football has always been my life, but things change, I now have my little boy at home and more often than not I am unable to play with him or do things with him because I am recovering from football injuries. So I have come to the point where I don’t feel I can do anything physically to get in better shape so I need to look at other options and that at the moment for me would be to drop down the levels and see if my body copes better.

Q: You’ve spent a considerable portion of your career with The Beachboys, across three spells; what is it that’s kept you coming back each time?

A: Concord has always been like home to me, I was brought here at 18 year old and enjoyed so much success with the club, the club itself is friendly, family based club and everyone pulls in the same direction. Concord do not have a massive budget or fan base but they have a big heart and everyone involved at the club pulls together and has created something special. It’s always been a pleasure to play my part in the amazing journey Concord has been on and continue to be on…

Q: What will be your most cherished memories of your time with the club?

A: Look, there’s so many but to name a few… winning the Essex Senior League on last day of the Season thanks to Danny Heale was where it all begun for me, it was a special day and something I will never forget, the whole day, evening & night was incredible. To then be involved in all the other promotions the club has had will always be cherished memories for myself.

Q: So what’s the plan going forward for John Easterford?

A: Like I said this has not been a rushed decision, so I have an idea of what’s next. I have spoken to everyone that I felt deserved to know 1st, My Family, Adam, Glen & Ant I have had discussions with about the way I’m feeling and what I plan on doing next and everyone has been understanding of the situation. Which I have to thank them all for. The plan is I will be speaking to a few Ryman North clubs in the next few days and see what happens. The way I am thinking is that if I can drop a couple of levels I may be able to prolong my career for a few more years. I love playing football, and I’m hoping with the standard not being as high as the Conference South my body will cope a bit better. If this fails and my body continues to let me down then I will have no other option than to call it a day, but I feel this is the next step before doing that.

Q: Is there a chance that you’ll be back in Concord colours again some day?

A: Lol – I think my track record of returning comes in to play here. I would never say never to returning to Concord.

Q: And lastly – as a leaving note: what would you like to say to the management, staff, players & supporters of the club?

A: I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone that has been a part of my Concord Career, with Adam and Glen in the driving seat the club will continue to drive forward, I have no doubt the club will be in the top 10 come the end of the season. The group of lads that are currently in the changing room are capable of doing great things, the boys have been great since I returned and I will of course be staying in touch as your football family is like your 2nd family and I wish everyone of them a successful career. Of course the club is not what it is without the people behind the scenes who work extremely hard, Ant, committee members, all the volunteers, Jayne, Hoody, Ewers make the club what it is and everyone does their bit to help. Long may the club continue to be successful, and hopefully make history with a 4th ESC along the way…

Much Love

Easters x