Nathan Concord u12 started their Southend Premier league program with a win although a close well fought game the majority of chances fell to Concord. The first half was reasonably even with the game going from end to end with both teams having a few chances… on occasions Leighwood attackers outnumbered Concord defenders as they attacked with the breeze and on one such attack a Leighwood player was tackled in the box and the referee, who made several strange decisions during the match, felt it necessary to award a penalty to the home side.. However Joe in goal for made a great save from a poor spot kick and kept the visitors in the game.. Later the referee again spoilt the flow of the game by booking a Concord player for what can only be described by both managers as a ‘coming together’.. certainly no malice or intent. At half time a small change to personnel saw Concord drop Ellis back to left midfield and Nathan came on up front replacing Max.. Concord now seemed to be controlling the game more in midfield.. again several attacks down the right by Sam ended up being stifled by the defenders.. however the referee again made strange decisions booking by a Leighwood player, then later giving the same Leighwood player a red card for again what both managers described as a midfield mistimed tackle that caused no harm and did not constitute serious foul play or intent..… this bewildered everyone and had a detrimental effect on the boys in both teams.. However a counter attack by Concord saw Leighwood leave space behind the defence and a slotted through-ball by Ellis saw Nathan run on under pressure and poke the ball past the oncoming keeper for a deserved lead.  Then Max came back into the game for the unwell Nathan and Concord saw out the game to secure 3 points.