Billy Knott

Think I can safely say I’m still in shock being able to say that our very own original Beachboy is going to be setting the Conference South alight next season for Concord Rangers
I have known Billy’s family for over 30 years, and they have been there for me in the past when i took over the club 20 years ago next year.
The club was on its knees and
Steve came in as 1st team manager and Michelle onto the committee and if it wasn’t for them and a few others it may not of survived.
(A little known fact for you all #YAMC was born through Steve singing it on bus journey’s home)
I never forget people that do good by me and this is the main driver for me now investing in helping Billy on and off the pitch and back into professional football.
I am in total agreement with him and his family that this is the right direction for Billy and that the old saying “class is permanent” will prevail, playing with a smile on his face is what is important right now.
I think everyone will join me in welcoming Billy back into his boyhood club and help by being there supporting him every step of the way.
Personally from me just do your thing Billy and it will all come together