In what he hopes to be a regular feature, Miki Hood gives his view on matters away from the football pitch for Concord Rangers…

So Miki, what have you been doing in pre-season?

Jogged (briefly). Joined in some keep-ball sessions (badly), and scored past Goughy (who hasn’t?!).

Aside from that, I’d like to think I’ve been doing everything I can to help the transition within the team, in terms of providing as much information I can about the current squad to help Adam identify new signings and make recommendations on players where I can.  Everyone knows that human relationships only develop over time, but with myself, Gary Ewers and Danny Clare still in place from the previous regime, I think it’s benefitted Adam and Jody, in terms of embracing the culture of the club, whilst putting their own stamp on things.

What are the biscuits of choice this season?

Hard to believe, but I haven’t eaten many biscuits so far, as my waistline will testify. But I hope to remedy that throughout the season. Lots.

What are your views on the new pitch?

It’s incredible.  The work and investment that’s gone into the surface this year will definitely pay dividends in terms of the way the team want to play, and Cliff, Toby, Ant, Andy, Brian etc all deserve great credit for the man-hours that have gone into it.

Do you feel gutted that you could never play on a pitch like that?

I’m gutted I could never play full-stop. My only hope at the moment is to try and not get fired within the next 4 years and maybe I’ll get a testimonial.

Have you sampled the new bar area yet?

I have indeed. What a great addition the “Sixty Seven Lounge” is to the club.  It has to go on record that a huge amount of work went into it from a very loyal Canvey Island FC supporter, Andy Sims – who hat’s off to him, has done some sterling work and left lots of little hidden messages everywhere, as well as making some interesting additions with a marker pen to some photos that are up in the committee room. If you’ve seen them you’ll know.

What are your views on the prices of the drinks…thinking about it, do you actually pay?

Honestly, I’ve got no idea what the prices are, as I usually hang around behind someone who’s ordering a round and look surprised and grateful when they buy me one.  Nearly 7 years I’ve been doing this and they haven’t caught on yet!

How have the summer signings settled in?

I think the new boys have settled in very nicely.  All good lads, and they’ll buy into what we’re about as a club, and want to improve themselves, as well as the club; which is important.

Musical tastes are very important within the squad, any interesting choices from the new boys?

Kingy and Joe Gardner still seem to be dominating the tunes at the moment, which might be for the best, as I can only imagine what some of them listen to (Banno – Duelling Banjos)

Kingy has already mentioned Sam Bantick’s clobber…how important is style to the Concord Rangers players/management?

I’ve heard Sam borrows his Dad’s cords to wear on a night-out, and still rocks boot-cut jeans – which I’m keen to see in action at the weekend. To be fair, a rascal outfit could do him favours so less attention goes on his barnet and his face.

You can talk, I’ve seen you wearing a ridiculous hat

My “Man from Del Monte” hat is the stuff of legend.  Style is important to some of the lads definitely – I’ve got to hand it to Whitey for some of his gear, a true “City Boy” with his tasseled loafers.  Saying that, there is room for improvement for some of the others definitely.

Why did you trim your beard, were the Brentism’s spiralling out of control?

Regardless of the beard, my Brent-like qualities will never cease! This year I’m going more for the Paul Potts/Peter Griffin look – maybe to confuse the opposition a bit more. Along with Flan resembling Luciano Pavarotti, we’re going to be a right bunch!

However I’m considering some re-growth just for the games against Weston, for old time’s sake of course.  People will learn not to shout stupid things with time left in games.

I can’t wait to bust out my dance again!



Michael Hood was in conversation with Chris Clark.