This week’s favourite goal feature is with programme editor Alan Jessup-Peacock and luckily the British weather worked in his favour…

“If it wasn’t for the bad weather, I would never have seen this goal. Last season, the lads put in some incredible performances to make the First Round proper of the F.A. Cup, which set up a fixture away at Mansfield Town on Saturday November 8th.  No problem there, but earlier in the year I had booked a trip to New York for a weekend, leaving on the 6th and coming back on the 10th. I was going to miss one of the biggest fixtures in the club’s history!

Thankfully the game ended up being postponed due to the large amounts of rain filling the Mansfield pitch (not so great for the three coaches of fans who went on the day mind you) and the game was re-arranged for the 18th November, when I was back on English soil.

So I made the game, going straight from work and making the journey by train.  We had I think around 100 or so fans in the end, nothing compared to the number originally going to the fixture, however we outsung the home fans the entire game.”

You going to get round to telling me about the goal?

Well as for the actual goal, you can see it for yourself on the BBC website, but Jordan Chiedozie picked up the ball (this after we’d gone a goal down thanks to a very unlucky own goal) in the Mansfield half, got past a player then rifled off an incredible 30 yard screamer into the top corner of the net. What. A. Goal.

How did you feel when the ball rasped into the net?

I was over the moon when the ball hit the net, a rush of feelings and emotions went through me but the over-riding feeling was elation. We’d scored a belter of a goal against a professional league side and were holding our own, even looking the better side overall. We’d arrived, after the hype of the draw, of our team being mentioned on the BBC, of trending on Twitter, the goal being scored made it all seem real I guess. I was even more pleased by the fact that I was there to see it happen. I saw Concord Rangers first goal scored in the proper rounds of the FA Cup!

Was there a genuine belief from the fans that Concord could win the replay?

Definitely, the goal and the performance in the first game had given the team and fans a lot of confidence going into the replay.  You always hear about league clubs not enjoying trips to these small non-league grounds and averages, and given the fact it was pretty wet that week, the pitch wasn’t the best compared to league grounds. Our lads were fine, but there was the thought/hope our opponents would struggle.  They did, just not enough, and it was pretty gutting losing by just one goal.




Alan was chatting to Chris Clark.