Imagine that your favourite Concord Rangers goal was scored by Canvey Island’s manager, well that’s certainly the case for fan and committee member Jack Smith Jnr.

Jack takes us back to the end of the 2007/2008 for his favourite Beachboys goal.

“For me, my favourite goal, which is an extremely difficult choice I have to say, would be the one which put this organised mess into motion.

The season climax was well written.  Enfield 1893 had completed their season having played thirty-two games and sat on top of the table with seventy-seven points.  Ourselves and Barkingside were both on seventy-four points with one game to play.”

Against each other?

“Yes, it was all set for the final day.  Barkingside needed a huge score line to overcome the goal difference deficit, but we only needed a win of any shape or form to take the title. It was a nail-biting and nerve wracking match for us Beachboys (and girls) which made the goal an extremely satisfying one, with a reasonable release of nervous energy let off celebrating it.”

So who struck the decisive goal?

“Mr Danny Heale, Concord legend, record goal scorer and inconveniently Canvey Island’s current manager.  His goal was a typical Healsy left footed strike, he caressed the ball seemingly in slow motion into the top corner of the goal.  When that ball hit the back of the net, it was just relief really.  Then an immense feeling of pride for our managers, players and each and every individual who contributed to our clubs successes that season.”

That result set off Concord’s rise through the division’s – hypothetically speaking what would have happened to Concord if they didn’t win that game?

Longer term targets had already been set between the chairman and the management team so it wouldn’t have impacted that much.  In my opinion, we would have re-grouped, the squad would have strengthened and we’d have won the league the following season.  But as you pointed out…all hypothetical!



Jack Smith Jnr was chatting to Chris Clark.