Over the next few weeks we will be speaking to players, staff and fans to find out what is their favourite Concord Rangers goal.

This week we speak to back-room staff member Miki Hood, who takes us back to 25th April 2011….


It was our debut season in the Ryman Premier League, and we’d already won the 1st derby game against Canvey 1-0 at Thames Road.  This was the opportunity to do the double over our rivals, whilst we were still almost “the little upstarts down the road”

So what was the build up to the game like?

The build up was good, we knew we were going there with nothing to lose, we’d only have a tiny proportion of the 1200 fans there.  We approached it as a proper derby game, and maybe Canvey felt we weren’t deserving of that mutual respect, they definitely underestimated us.

On match-day what was the atmosphere like in the dressing room?

Inside the dressing room we were confident – Cowley & Scopesy kept telling the boys to go out and play with no fear.  All the pressure would be on Canvey, and if we stayed organised, worked hard, and kept the emotions in check, we would come away with a great result. The boys knew we could upset the odds.  It’s what we’d thrived on so far that season, and the lads were pumped to do it again.  Especially against a club who have the history and prestige to look back on and had always been comfortable being the bigger club with no competition from down the road.

So the game kick’s off and on the 12th minute…

I’m pretty sure it was Harry Elmes who was fouled just outside of the area, and you could see by the way Stokesy grabbed the ball and put it down that he knew what he was going to do with it. He’s stepped back from the ball – run up and curled an absolute pearler into the corner.  James Russell has dived for it, but I’m sure it was past him already.  Stokesy was off celebrating basically as he’s struck it! The celebration with his hands behind his ears running towards the Canvey fans will always stick in my mind.


Why’s that?

Well it epitomised the fact that we wanted to prove everyone wrong, and to give all the bigger teams in our division a “bloody nose”.

Tony was obviously delighted scoring the goal, but how did you feel when the ball hit the back of the net?

I went mental! You could feel it lifted us on the bench as well.  It was almost like we’d struck the first blow and we could smell blood. We ended up winning the game convincingly 4-0, and they ended up having two players sent off.

It was one of those days where everything that was instilled into us as a team came to the fore.


Miki was chatting to Chris Clark.