This week’s favourite goal takes us back to 7th May 2013 – The play-off final away at Lowestoft, as the Beachboy’s Football Development Officer Phil Crowe tell’s us what that goal meant to him.

“I had actually been at a weekend tournament in Yarmouth with my Under 8 team that weekend, so I didn’t really have time to think about the game and get that nervous.  However I was there when the team arrived and I could tell in their eyes that they were relaxed.  The pressure was all on Lowestoft.  I was quietly confident let’s put it that way.”

Kingy opened the scoring, but Lowestoft equalise…then in the 85th minute Leon Gordon pops up with the winner…

“Yeah the goal was late in the game and I knew as soon as it went in that was it, we would be playing Conference Level football, which for me was something that hadn’t really been thought about until a month before.”

Can you remember anything about the goal itself?

“To be honest I can’t really remember that much about it, the ball was worked out to the left and the ball was played across the six yard box by Ben Greenhalgh (I think).  It was almost like time had stopped…and then up popped Leon at the far post to squeeze it in.”

Why is this goal so special to you?

“It created that special moment at the final whistle when the fans ran on the pitch, everyone embraced each other, players, staff, management, fans etc.  It was a great day out for everyone involved with the club and there were so many people there, my boy Fred who was 7 at the time was mascot and he was so excited about the whole day it will be a memory he will never forget.

Then there is the picture of Ant and Danny embracing over the pitch side barrier, it is still up in the corridor of the club now, and I don’t mind admitting even now every time I walk past it bring’s a lump to my throat.

It’s what the day was all about.”




Phil Crowe was chatting to Chris Clark.