Was you there on 8th March 2014?  Steve Cawley was, well it was lucky he was as he scored the winning goal against Eastleigh in the 90th minute.  Steve loves that goal so much, that it’s his favourite goal for the Beachboys.

“This was my first season with Concord, and it was also their first in the Conference South. This season was also the year Eastleigh won promotion so they were an excellent team, and they came to our ground expecting to win. We were losing the game 2-1 and both myself and Tony Stokes were on the bench. Danny Cowley got us both ready and told us both to go on and win the game…Tony equalised after 77 minutes.”

Then the winning goal…what happened?

“It was a build up down our left hand side, and James White beat their right back and put in a beautiful cross and I anticipated it and nipped in front of their defender at the front post, leapt like a salmon obviously and guided my header into the top right corner!”

What’s it like to score the winning goal in a big game, especially that goal?

“It’s an excellent feeling, because like I said they came to our ground fully expecting to roll us over easily. Then to come on and score a last minute winner against the Champions that year was fantastic! What made that goal even better, was that the Eastleigh supporters were giving it plenty all game, saying we weren’t fit to be in the league and we were a pub side…so to wheel off and celebrate with Whitey in front of them in the last minute was great!”

It must have been hard to pick a favourite goal, as you’ve scored plenty for the Beachboys…does scoring a great goal feel any different to scoring a tap-in?

“When you work hard in training and it comes off in a game…ANY goal is great to score. I actually sometimes prefer scoring shin-rollers or goals that are somewhat lucky because it frustrates the opposition even further, and at the end of the day they all count the same as each other. It is amazing though when you score an absolute worldy and you can see it on video after the game so you can show it off to your family and friends, unlike when I scored a lob from the half-way line in the FA Cup against Winchester and Andy Smith missed it…I will never let him forget that!”



Steve Cawley was talking to Chris Clark.