It was always going to happen.  You ask a player for their favourite Concord goal, and the immediate response is “Can I pick one of my own?”.  So Steve King did.  Steve takes us back to Lowestoft away in the Ryman Premier League play off Final on 6th May 2013.

“It was a huge day for the club and after losing there by 3, 4 or 5 goals previously we weren’t expected to do anything.  To win that match and get promoted via the play off’s that year is something everyone involved will always remember no matter what level of football they played at.”

If I can take you back to the dressing room before the game, did you use that underdog tag to your advantage?

“In the dressing room before kick off everyone was relaxed, I think being underdog has that affect on you.  I felt a lot of nervous energy when the game kicked off, as I’m sure a lot of the other boys did, but we all transferred that energy into a really positive performance on the pitch.”

So the game enter’s the 12th minute and Concord earn a free kick…tell me what happened next?

“I remember being marked by Hakeem Araba who was a beast of a centre forward, but I knew I would have a chance of scoring as he would switch off defensively.  Ben Greenhalgh whipped in a lovely ball and I managed to peel off the back of Araba and squeeze it in at the near post. The elation of scoring that goal has and will never be matched. To silence a 2000 strong crowd as an underdog was something we were only dreaming about and to be the one to do it…an amazing feeling.”

When the ball hit the net, what is feeling like…can it be described or is it un-describable?

“I can’t describe the feeling of the ball hitting the net (probably because it only trickled over the line and didn’t actually touch the net!) Like I said before, it’s just an amazing feeling that can’t be matched in any other way of life.

What were your emotions when the final whistle went and Concord had done it?

For me, the rest of the players, staff and fans that day, I don’t think the emotions, disbelief and ecstasy will ever be matched.


Steve King was chatting to Chris Clark.