Now this man could have picked loads of goals.  Loads of them.  But what was his best?  We spoke with Concord Rangers legend Tony Stokes to find out what was his favourite.

Tony, come on what one is it?

“My favourite goal was against Wealdstone in the semi final of the Play-off’s back in 2013”

Not a long range belter then?

“Nah, it’s special to me because all day I’d been ill.  On the coach to Wealdstone I was throwing up in the toilet the whole journey, but I really wanted to play. However as soon as I got off the coach I told Danny Cowley that I couldn’t play…I just had no energy.  I was gutted, I had worked hard all season to get to this point and I couldn’t play.  Danny luckily said, don’t worry we will stick you on the bench, so that’s what happened. So there are ten minutes to go in the game and we’re losing 1-0, and Danny says to me “you’re going to have go on”…well Kingy equalised on eighty-five minutes to take us into extra time.”

Then on 108 minutes what happened?

“Well we won a free kick out wide, and Ben Greenhalgh swung the ball in and Kingy got his meat-head to the ball, and it flew off the post and I was there to smash it home…a real poacher’s effort!  The Concord fans were behind the goal and I can remember taking my shirt off and throwing it…then the rest of the lads joined me and we all jumped into the crowd.  I reckon James Hammond (who was then playing for Wealdstone) enjoyed the goal more than all of us…you should ask him about it lol!”

Haha..I will do! How were the celebrations after the game?

“Oh man they were fantastic, we had worked so hard as a team all year and we were now in the Play-Off final.  Wealdstone was always a hostile place to go and play, and their fans used to give us so much stick.  For us to go into their backyard and knock them out, it was a dream come true!!!”

Now you’ve played at a high level and played in plenty of big matches, where does that game rank for you?

“Oh that is up there in one of my proudest days in football, to overcome all what was going on pre-match and still pop up with the winner in such an important game, that is something which will always live with me.”



Tony Stokes was chatting to Chris Clark.