Nathan Church has taken a step back from the coaching role at the Club to focus on completing his coaching courses and also to play football when possible. Church will still be involved within the Concord team, helping with some scouting of players and teams when possible.

How much did you enjoy last season as part of Concord?


I absolutely loved it here. From the first day I sat down with Scopesy I knew I would. The club has a great culture filtered, from the top down, and as cliché as it sounds, it really is a family club full of great people.


What did enjoy specifically about last season?


I think the cup run itself was/is incredible. Something we spoke about throughout was the process. I know we had more than a few close calls to get to the Semi’s, but I don’t think people realise the amount of work, detail and preparation that went into every game from everyone involved.


How were all the players in the team on and off the pitch?


To be fair to them, they were all class. Despite only being a few years older than some of them (and younger than a few), I feel like they gave me enough respect. Especially for someone like Danny Green. To have a career like he’s had, he could have easily disregarded my views, but he didn’t. Hopefully he’ll keep my set pieces going now that he’s stepped up. As for them all, you won’t find a better set of lads. They all worked just as hard off the pitch as they did on it.


I understand you’ll be doing a bit of scouting for Concord next year, are you looking forward to that?


Yes, that’s right. I still want to do my bit as much as I can, so I had a good chat with Scopesy and we decided that would be where I could hopefully have an impact. I enjoy watching other games in the area, and that way it will allow me to stay involved to some extent whilst I focus on my next coaching badge.


Church: “I’d like to say ‘Thank you’ to everyone involved at the Club for a memorable season and the fans for their great support.”