Want to hear about another new player at Concord Rangers this season…of course you do!

We chatted to new boy Nathan Fox about his previous career, and some matters away from the pitch.

How happy are you to sign for Concord and how have you found the first couple of weeks?

Yes it’s been good, obviously coming down from Category 1 full time football I thought it would be a huge difference, but I was surprised as it’s harder than I thought.  The boys at the club have taken me in with open arms and I have settled in well.

You look very comfortable on the ball for a defender..has that always been a big part of your game?

I actually played in midfield all my life, I signed for my previous clubs like Millwall, Chelmsford and Norwich as a right midfielder.  I filled in at centre back at the end of my U16 year due to injuries, and I’ve taken it from there really.

You suffered a bad injury whilst at Norwich, do you think that set you back and are you looking to prove certain people wrong?

Yes I did, we were playing away to Leicester with the U21’s and I ruptured my MCL ligament in my knee and was out for 14 weeks.  Yeah, obviously I’m always trying to prove people wrong, that’s half of the thoughts in my head to be honest.

Moving away from the football pitch, you’ve experienced one of the team night’s out. How did that go?

Due to being released by Norwich I hadn’t had a job since, so money was running low.  I went out with the boys and explained that I didn’t have  lot of money.  They took that into consideration and paid for my night out, I suppose that’s what team mates do.  Even though I hate being called tight!

What hobbies do you have away from the football pitch?

I like to go fishing every now and then.  I also like chilling with my mates at weekends.

Come on then, what’s the biggest fish you’ve caught?

It was a 25lb common carp.

That’s a big fish! 

So what other sportsmen do you admire?

Floyd Mayweather and Lewis Hamilton, they came from the bottom and worked their way to the top to be the best.  Hopefully I can follow in their footsteps.

Who is your ideal woman?

Well she has to have good fashion sense, as I do like to keep up with fashion.  Dark brown hair and really tanned (like me)

So if you could have your choice of the celebrity women, who fitted your requirements…who would it be?

Oh a powerful sort like Eva Mendes.  She’s a solid 10/10

Thanks for your time Nathan

No worries mate.



Nathan Fox was chatting to Chris Clark.