1. What is the best ground you’ve played at during your remarkable time in the football league? (@andywilkins2015)

1. Hi Andy, I’d have to say Old Trafford (Manchester United) in a youth team game but when it was full and rocking Bradford City was so good, 18,000 people singing your song was top draw!

2. What have you made of Sammy and Jack’s passion for the club? (@OfficialTFF)

2. It’s been brilliant, the ideas they have for the club and trying to get a lot of the Canvey Island community involved aswell as bringing the youngsters through has been just a smart part of how they got me on board … I know them both very well and loved playing with them at AFC Wimbledon! Cheers guys!

3. Is your goal vs Leeds the best you’ve scored in your career? (@Jason_Booth)

3. It’s got to be up there that’s for sure with how important the game was, full house at home and the place erupted, it was an incredible night and lucky enough it came off the shin and into the top corner ????

4. What’s your target for this coming season?

4. If I’m honest to put a smile back on my face and enjoy playing football again is the aim and of course being around good people … But I hate losing games so my target will be to win games of football … If I can help any of the young lads progress as well, in anyway that will put smile on my face!

5. How’s Concord Rangers changed since your days here, on and off the field?

5. Hopefully it’ll change a lot on the pitch this season, we want people to come and enjoy games down there and to get more people wanting to come and watch us. Off the pitch not a lot has changed in terms of it’s a close family vibe off the pitch and is run by genuine, kind and all round good people, this can only help us players on the pitch this year as a whole club.

6. How do you think your experience in the football league will help benefit the younger players around you?

6. I am very much into helping the younger kids with anything, I like to think I have experience and would have good advice… I’ve had the good and the bad with older players when I was younger you get some that don’t talk to you and I hated it… On the other hand we’ve all been youngsters once and when I was, I liked older players talking to me and getting me involved in banter with the older boys it was great, so I’ll do everything I can to help them younger ones.

7. Apart from ‘That’ goal vs Leeds, what’s been your highlight of your career?

7. I got a few so i’m gonna be greedy! So the under 20 World Cup was an amazing experience in Colombia, the 4-2 win for Bradford away at Chelsea with a coach full of friends and family from Canvey Island, making my debut in the Premier league was also a special moment for me aswell… I’ll stop cause I’ll bore you aha, that’s in past, I want to look forward now and attack this season head on!

8. With a number of Ex pros including Danny Green, Sean Clohessy, Sammy Moore, Jack Midson etc. What do you make of the squad as a whole?

8. Old haha … Nah the experience we have in the dressing room this year is amazing at this level, great players and very good characters! I can’t wait to meet all the lads but the whatsapp is already lively and banter is flying about, but when we come back in on the 26th of June I think I speak for us all in saying we’ve just got to work as hard as we can as a team, there’s gonna be ups and downs but if we stick together, we will be ready for anything that comes our way this season as a team and a club!

Thanks for all the questions, I can’t wait to kick on and start!

Billy Knott