Hi Sam, you’ve spent life in Essex at Braintree and Chelmsford before. What was it like playing for two teams who have enjoyed success in recent years? (@Andywilkins2015)

Hi Andy, I enjoyed my time at both clubs, unfortunately at Braintree Town we got relegated but personally I had one of my best seasons. Being near the foot of the table meant I was very busy during games and I was making a lot of saves every game getting into the non league team of the week on a few occasions! At Chelmsford we were unlucky not to go further in the play offs but hopefully this year I will go that bit further with Concord Rangers.

What’s your best achievement in football so far and How you going take that into influencing you at Concord? (@Ph0toDan)

Thanks for the question Dan, for me it was making my league debut. I will bring my experience of playing at a higher level to help influence me and the players around me so we can push on! Look forward to seeing you at the Aspect Arena!

Hi Sam we know you love a clean sheet, do you set yourself a target for the season? (@bj1958uk)

Last year at Chelmsford I kept 18 clean sheets in all competitions so my target will be to beat that, I’ve seen that Jack ‘Junior’ Smith will sort me a bonus if I beat that ahaha!

What are you hoping to achieve at your time at Concord Rangers fc? (@MSCHARITYCUP)

Hi guys, Sammy Moore has put together a good squad so far so hopefully we can challenge and get promotion, there’s a lot of talent in this squad!

What have you made of the club so far? On and off the field (@ambrose_gates)

Hi Ambrose, it certainly seems like a good club and I’m happy to be here! The club seems to be moving in the right direction with the people they have here, we’re in for an exciting season!

Hi Sam, being a keeper with all the pressure of keeping a clean sheet week in week out do you have any pre match activity (ie putting the right boot on before the left) or do you have any pre match superstitions? (@RichBull64)

I try to stay quite relaxed yet still focus on the game. The only thing I will do every game is put my right glove on first.
I don’t know if it’s a superstition but it just doesn’t feel right anymore putting my left glove on first! Thanks for the question!

What is your biggest weakness as a keeper? (@Jubbaz)

Most likely it’s Beating myself up too much when I concede goals.

Hi Sam, what do you do when you are not saving shots?(@stantz87)

I work at Bluestone Currency, a foreign exchange company while also spreading the word about Concord Rangers haha!

Sam “Thanks for all the questions, I’m looking forward to meeting you all and getting started, YAMC!”