Firstly, how did the move come about?

1. I spoke to Sammy (Moore) after the play offs and he was interested in signing me so it just went from there really!

Both Sammy and Jack done fantastic for Leatherhead last season, what went through your head when the offer came through to join Concord Rangers?

2. They done really well last year with the ‘Tanners’. The move all came about quite quickly to be honest, i was so happy at dartford but with Tony Burman (Manager) going and a couple of the boys going, the time was right to move on and Concord Rangers showed a lot of interest to sign me. I then went meet Sammy (Moore) and Mids (Jack Midson) and there ambitions and passion they showed made the decision a lot easier.

Hi Ryan, what’s the best ground you’ve played at and your favourite overall? (@andywilkins2015)
Excluding the Aspect Arena of course!

3. Hi Andy, my best ground would be either Luton Town for atmosphere or Bradford City because it  was a big crowd and big ground to play in. I’ve scored my last 2 games at the Aspect Arena so hopefully there’s a lot more to come!

Your top 5 free kick takers of all time? (@JackJuniorSmith)

4. I don’t really watch free kick takers to be honest but I grew up watching Beckham who from a dead ball was the best I’ve seen.

Who’s the best player you’ve played with or against?
#AskRyan (@Ph0toDan)

5. The Best player I’ve played with…I’ve been lucky to play with some really good players to be honest but Lee Noble has to be the best I’ve played with, he should definitely be in the pro game. See you soon Dan!

What target have you set yourself for the coming season?

6. I don’t really set myself targets. As Long as we can get as many points as possible and I can set up as many goals as I can then it’ll be good a successful season for me.

What have you made of the new signings so far?

7. I think all the signings have been good to be fair. There’s not 1 bigger signing than the other we look to have signed really good experienced players and with the younger lads who have signed we look to have a good squad!

Out of all the games you have played which did you think was your best performance…. so far? (@bj1958uk)

8. There’s been a few individual games over the years but two that stick out would be mansfield and Luton at home, we won both which is always a good thing for me. Hopefully there’ll be many more coming up, thanks for the question Brian!

Thankyou to all that sent in the questions, I’m looking forward to getting started!