By Ben Reggione

Before kick off, the league table showed the importance a point would be for concord, but also it exaggerated the importance of it for Slough also. Three points is all that split 10th placed Concord and 15th placed Slough, there are teams in amongst this that have games in hand on each side, which created much more pressure going into the game.

As the game commenced, it was clear Slough wanted to keep there unbeaten run going off of the back of there previous two victories hoping for a third. But Concord were also looking to get three points as its something that’s come close but has been pushed away from them. The first ten minutes set the tone for the game, it was quite scrappy with fights for the second ball proving key and aerial battles being a fundamental element. Our defence helped massively in these first 15 minutes, defensive battles from Pollock helped us work the ball through to our midfield but it was a difficult feat to get the ball past sloughs defensive third. For Sloughs first goal, it came in the 19th minute, a shot from distance was saved well by Myles Roberts but it was rebounded in after it was parried back out into play. Our best chance came of the half came from Pollock whose header from a Blackman cross glided over the top of the bar in the 28th minute but chances from Lamar and Blanchfield had also cropped up. Slough kept on seeking for a ball over the top to be what could take them further into the lead which didn’t prove to be massively successful. With concord playing an attacking pair up top, it was clear that once we had beaten Sloughs defensively minded midfield players Ben Allen would be our route to an equaliser. Although Allen was hit with many strong challenges, he was quickly recognised as a player that could pose danger to the opposition and at most times he would have two players within close vicinity to close him down. In amongst extra time a Cross by Davies for slough lead to a header just scarping by the post, leaving the score 1-0 as each side made there way off of the pitch for half-time.
With the second half underway it was clear what Concords intentions were as chances began to constantly appear but Sloughs attacking prowess was becoming to be concerning also, but it was containable. After Tenconi’s goal in the first half for Slough there intent for a second wasn’t as convincing for the opening of the second half. Things began to be quite hostile, stronger challenges and heightened emotions weren’t the best of mixes. There were several occasions were each sets of players displayed there difference of views after what could be deemed as reckless challenges and a few yellow cards had been shown. A lot of Sloughs attacks came down the right hand side of concords and they slowly found themselves working the ball into there middle yet nothing had worked out for them. Overlapping runs from Kensdale proved to be a good way of creating our equaliser. In the 63rd minute, Allen made way for Babalola and he sure made a quick impression on Sloughs defence with his physical presence; in the 75th Popo came off and Reid had came on in replace for him and his tricky feet and winding runs opened up more possibilities for Concord. Finally in terms of substitutions, Blanchfield came off for Peck in the 82nd minute and his work rate really benefited the team. With the game seemingly being over six minutes had been added and in the dying minutes Danny Green finished his chance making it 1-1 and resultantly the management and fans thoroughly enjoyed it.
With Concords goal in the dying minutes savouring the point I’m sure they’ll carry much of there passionate celebrations into the next game against Dartford and the dream will be for three points. Even though we had dropped down in the table, there are chances for us to bounce back.