How does it feel to sign for Concord Rangers?

It’s exciting times, a new challenge in a higher league I hope I can hit the ground running and really express myself here.

What does this opportunity to play in the National League South mean to you?

I would like to think every football player regardless of league is ambitious and would want to keep pushing and playing as high as they can so this is an important step for me and will want to give it my all

What attracted you too the Beach Boys?

I love the ambition and drive the club has, standards are high and it’s imperative to be able to carry that personally within, it develops character and feel the club is a great step to further develop myself.

What can the fans expect to see from you next season?

I’ve always enjoyed running at defenders and using my pace it’s always been a big part of my game. A personal goal to build on my decent goal ratio from Maldon, will be hopeful to add more goals to my game. Over the seasons I’ve developed a harder working ethic and expect to maintain that as a minimal for every training session and game.