How good does it feel to sign for concord for next season?

Having signed and then the season cut short for all involved, its great to be coming back and would like to thank the management team for putting their trust in me for the new season. They have made some great signings so credit to them and players returning having left before shows what they are about. It’s just exciting to know we are getting back towards football returning or we hope at least.

What have you been doing in preseason to say fit and ready?

Been quite lucky having a lot of gym equipment and a lot of time on my hands so it’s been pretty good for me. A lot of 5k’s have been run

What are your goals for next season?

Well it’s going to be an interesting season with what I expect will be a lot of change but with the squad that’s been put together so far I don’t where the limit is for us. Personally I just want to win, plain and simple.