How good does it feel to be back at Concord?

Yeah, it feels good to be back! I think I played my best footie the season before last and a lot of that was down to Scopsey. I get on really well with Drew and Minshull, so hopefully I can help build on the good season Concord had last year.

What can we expect to see from you next season? 

I tend to go box to box and play with a lot of energy. I don’t mind putting my foot in and I definitely hate losing. So, probably quite a few yellow cards!

How much did you enjoy your time at Concord? 

I was there for 1 season and I really enjoyed it. We got into the Play-offs but the situation with the seats was going on, but aside from that it was a really enjoyable year!

Are you looking forward to working with Scopsey and his management team with the new addition of Green?

Yeah, definitely. Scopsey was a ledge the year I was here and I’ve played with Minsh and Greeny before and I also speak to Drew a lot! So I’m really looking forward to working with them all again.

What are your goals for next season with the Beach Boys?

Hopefully we can be competing in and around the play-offs! I think that has to be the goal.