We recently caught up with Sam Collins as he continues with his rehabilitation from his double leg break on the opening day of the season…

What is the latest with your rehab, what stage are you at currently?

It’s still very early stages and I’m a long way from playing.  I have another X-ray on Monday 11th January and hopefully that will clear a few things up, and I will have more of an idea from there.  My original aim was to get back for the end of this season but realistically it’s looking more towards the next pre-season, but I will just stay positive and take it step by step and monitor things week by week.  My leg feels good but I have not been given the all clear by the consultant to do any impact on it so I haven’t pushed myself at all yet.  My latest appointment was on the 21st December (see picture below).

You’ve been to watch a few games this season. Is it easy for you to watch games?

Even when I’ve been fit and watched games as sub or supporter it’s never easy looking on from the sidelines! Now with the situation I’m in now you never know what’s going to happen in the next game, you just want to play as much as you can whilst your body allows you.  Watching this season was very difficult at the start due to adapting to the injury and watching some of the performances and results early on, but I knew and everyone involved knew it was only a matter of time before results turned around…which they did.  The recent games I’ve watched have been very impressive and have been enjoyable to watch, it looks as though that the team have got that Concord DNA flowing through them again. I think it was massive for the club to get Glen back when they did, and I’m sure the team will continue to evolve and improve under Flan. I have spoke to Ant, Adam and Mike as I’m looking to get more involved with things to the end of the season as the hunger is coming back. So I want to get in the physio room and for Mike to put me through some rehab, and see the boys more.  I may even apply for a waterboy role!