After the Beachboys superb 5-0 home victory over Basingstoke at the weekend, we spoke with hat-trick hero Steve Cawley about the game…

The game was still 0-0 at half time, were the team disappointed to go in level at the break?

We wasn’t disappointed that much, as we went in with a clean sheet and we knew that we were the better team.  We just had to go out in the second half and carry on what we were doing, not concede and we were all confident that we would win the game.  However we did know that we had missed a couple of good chances in the first half, and their keeper had made an excellent save from Lewis Taaffe, and we knew we had to be more ruthless in the second half.

The side certainly were, as you banged in five.  Now you scored two penalties, and we’ve spoken about the art of penalty taking before…you put two in the space place on Saturday; was that a case of bluffing the keeper 2nd time around?

Haha not so much bluffing, but I just thought he might think that I wouldn’t have the bottle to go the same way, but I did! Also before I took the second one, Joe Gardner shouted to me “just do the same thing Steve” so I kind of had to, otherwise I would have looked a right bottle job! However for some reason I was more nervous about taking the first one, as it was still 0-0 at the time, then I was for the hat-trick penalty.

I suppose it was because your confidence was up, especially after your 2nd goal, which was a great instinctive lob.  How quickly did you make your mind up that you were going to do that?

As soon as Joe Gardner had played a perfect headed pass through to me, and I saw the keeper taking a step towards me…it was in my head straight away really, but I didn’t realise how quick he had come out…so I had to scoop it a lot higher than I originally planned too, but I’m glad it went in.  Tom Stephens did say he tried to get there and nick it on the line, but obviously his pace let him down again.

How happy were you to get the match ball signed by the players and staff?

I was buzzing to get my first hat-trick for Concord, and it had been a long time since my last hat-trick that it wasn’t until Sam Bantick asked me where the match ball was, that I realised I got to keep it haha! It was actually Gary Ewers who got it dry for me and everyone to sign it, which was a really nice touch, which obviously makes it more special, although Ant did say it was £35…so I hope he was joking, as I’ve got a wedding to pay for!!

Is it annoying that despite getting a hat-trick, Max Cornhill still scored the best goal of the game?!

Haha…well that’s personal opinion, because Max’s goal was wind assisted and it must’ve hit a bobble before he struck it.  I feel my 2nd goal was more skilful.  Haha  in all seriousness I was in disbelief when he struck it, I just stood there with my hands on my head, it was the perfect strike and I’m happy for him, he had played well all game and deserved that goal.



Steve Cawley was chatting to Chris Clark.