The lads picked up an excellent victory at the weekend and we chatted with one of the goalscorer’s Steve Cawley to get his views, and found out if taking penalties is a nerve wracking business.

How good was it for the team to get back to winning ways on Saturday?

Obviously everyone loves to win, but when you’re on a bad run like we were and to win with a performance that represents what Concord Rangers is all about it feels 10 times better! The buzz around the team during and after the game was exactly what we needed and now hopefully we can push on and achieve what we are capable of achieving.

You scored the opening goal with a penalty…do you get nervous before taking one?

Yeah I get a little nervous, but I think anyone would be lying if they said any different.  However on the flip side you’ve got to be confident to step up and convert one.  I was probably more nervous on Saturday then the previous two this season, due to the keeper stood in front of me.  Having played with Jamie Butler for a number of years, I knew what a good penalty stopper he is.  I also knew that he knew which way I tended to go on penalties, as we have had a few shoot-outs together, and trust me he made me fully aware of this before I took the penalty! I didn’t let him get into my head because I knew he would guess the right way but I knew if I struck it well enough he wouldn’t save it and that’s what I did.

When do you decide where you’re going to place the penalty…during the run-up?

I always decide before I’ve even started the run up, it’s something I was taught from a young age…choose your corner and stick to it.  I’ve only ever changed my mind once on a run up and I ended up smashing it down the middle…luckily it still went in.

Getting back to the game, beating Hemel away from home must give the lads such a boost?

Oh yeah, it gives us a massive boost.  Like I said earlier the buzz around the team in the changing room afterwards is what we needed.  Considering Hemel beat us comfortably in the previous game at home, it was really special to beat them at their ground.  They are a strong team and doing well, so it was an excellent three points for us.

The side are doing well away from home, can the team replicate this form at home?

We definitely need to improve our home form, as last year it was so good.  We need to be a team where the opposition hate going to Concord, because we are hard to beat.  Recently this hasn’t happened but hopefully after the boost we got on Saturday we can push on and start grinding out some more results, and pick up the points we are capable of getting.


Steve Cawley was chatting to Chris Clark.