With the new season almost upon us, Chris Clark caught up with Steve Cawley to chat about last season and his aims for this…

How happy were you with your performances last season?

I was extremely happy with my performance for the most part of the season.  I started very well and had reached my target of 15 goals by January/February and also had a lot of assists, I think I finished on 18 assists which I was happy with.  However after I reached my goal target I went on a bit of a drought and didn’t score again for the rest of the season, which I keep telling Lewis Taaffe was because I wanted him to catch me and finish on the same.

Is the internal goal scoring competition between you and Lewis important to the spirit of the side?

I don’t  necessarily think just ours is important to the spirit, I just think in general a bit of competition between players throughout the team is very healthy and it keeps everyone on their toes, and it adds to the atmosphere of the dressing room.

What are your aims for this season?

Personally my aim is to be fitter and sharper than last season, and 15 goals is my initial target, but I’d like to get a few more and aim for 20 assists as well.

Do you prefer playing as the centre forward, or just off the front man?

I prefer playing off the front man as I’m used to playing there and a big part of my game I feel is the third man run off the deep midfielder and in behind, and as I’ve mentioned I love assisting as much as scoring and in that position I get more opportunity to put my team mates in for them to score.

Ok then, it’s the last minute of a Cup Final, what would you prefer

a) a shinner for the winning goal

b) a worldie of an assist for the winning goal?

Aaaahh this one’s hard, obviously it’s amazing to score a winner in general, let alone a cup final and I do love a shin roller, so I think I’d have to say that only just. However if it come to it I would take either of them, and be just as happy as we won the final!

What are your favourite types of goal to score?

Every goal you score feels great, but I do love a cheeky chip, it makes you look like a player even if your not! haha.  As I said earlier I do love a shin roller as well, because it really winds up the opposition!!

Saying all this, what is the best goal you’ve ever scored?

Probably the half-way line LEFT foot lob against Winchester last year, but I haven’t got proof of that one because our cameraman decided he didn’t fancy it (big time, turns up when he wants), so I like two goals I scored last season…my header last minute against Ebsfleet after coming on as sub and my chip last year from the edge of the box, I can’t remember who it was against, but Andy managed to film that one.

Concord Rangers is seen as one big family, how does it feel to be part of that?

Amazing! When I left Bishop’s Stortford I pretty much lost interest in football, but Concord have helped me regain that love because that’s what they’re all about! Everyone chips in doing their own bit for the club, and it’s great to be part of it and hopefully that will play a part again this season.

Speaking of this season, what are realistic ambitions for Concord this term?

As it’s a new management team and a lot of new faces around the team, I think our initial aim will be to finish in the top half in the league and have a few good cup runs again.  Due to the spirit around the team and club, I think everyone will settle in really quickly and we have the potential to have another successful season.

How excited are you to work under the new management team?

Very excited.  Adam is a very good man manager and throughout the pre-season he has pulled us to the side individually and tells you what he thinks you’re doing right/wrong, and what his plans are, and he is very easy to talk to.  Jody is an excellent coach and his pre-season sessions have been tough, but also enjoyable.  So I’m excited to see what they’re like in a game situation as I wasn’t able to play Saturday, so Harlow will be my first game.