How good does it feel to have signed for Concord for next season?

It’s a great feeling to be honest. I feel like I have earnt it with my performances from last season. I grew into the team and I began to gel with the players very well and I feel at home to push on for next season and hit my targets.

You joined the Beach Boys early in the year, making a very good impression of the way you play football. How have Scopsey and the rest of the management team helped you in your short time at the Club so far?

They have helped me a lot through the couple of months I was there. The relationship has grown a lot between me and Scopesy and I hope it will continue like that throughout next season. The rest of management have also helped me by providing me with sessions after training to better my craft and help me be the best player.

You scored on the last day of last season, how can you build on that next season?

I obviously can build on that a lot for next season as I am frequently in the starting eleven now and I believe with more playing time and experience I will thrive in the National League. Next season I will be primed and ready and aiming for too tally’s most especially as a front man scoring goals for the team.