Well what an extraordinary time we have lived in over the past few months

I look forward to the new season starting with our trip to Wembley also booked but more importantly hopefully the Government allowing our most important people you the fans back into the grounds.

To anyone who has suffered the loss of family or friends I send my deepest condolences and to those who have suffered with mental health issues. Hopefully, we can up your spirits very soon by getting you back amongst the Concord family.

The management have been working hard as always and the squad looks very strong with a great mixture of young and not so young!

As some maybe aware we do run a 12th man scheme that raises around £250 per week towards the playing budget. We have contributors sending anywhere between £10 & £50 per week and I thank those that have contributed

Here’s the but, We along with many others have experienced sever financial loss during the shutdown of our facilities. There has obviously been no hall hires during the past months and possibly the next couple of months. This has impacted on our cash reserves that we normally build in those months towards the next seasons budget. So as have many other clubs I’m asking if any of you can dig deep and join those other fantastic people and help in any little way by signing up and Supporting the lads by joining the 12th man scheme by clicking here

Anyone that commits to more than £20 per week for the 38 weeks will receive 2 free season tickets and club T-shirt & Jacket

I so look forward to some real normality and seeing all your lovely faces very soon