(Weston Super Mare, 1st Nov 2014, Vanarama South)

I?m still not sure it?s entirely sunk in yet, but last Monday night our great little club heard its name read out live on BBC 2 as part of the draw for the FA Cup First Round for the first time. It was a massive moment for Concord Rangers, one that rewards all the hard work and effort that the staff, players & fans have put in over the years here.

Going to St Albans City and winning was never going to be an easy task, and it wasn?t as it ended up being just one goal that separated the two sides. What a goal it was though, Joe Gardner watched the ball come over from the left hand side, timed his shot superbly and saw the ball sail into the net past the stranded Saints keeper. A place in The FA Cup First Round was ours, and so were bragging rights for me as I have the pleasure (!) of working with a St Albans fan!

Celebrations continued until the early morning for many of us, making the most of the fact that the clocks went back an hour at the time too! But then the reality of it all began to hit, Monday night would see the draw take place live on BBC 2, and our little club would have national, if not worldwide exposure via the BBC. So what better way to watch the draw than to be with the players, fans & committee at the club? The Chairman put the wheels in motion, and Monday evening the Aspect Arena bar filled with people involved with the club ready and waiting for our big moment.

The suspense didn?t last long though, as we were the second ball drawn on the night, getting an away tie against League 2 side Mansfield Town. After the draw was made though, that?s when things got really interesting. Social Networking site Twitter became awash with our fans talking about the draw, and fans from all over the place asking just who the hell we were (some colourful language may have been used, but I?ll not replicate that here!). Those that are familiar with Twitter will know what I mean when I say that Concord Rangers were trending worldwide for a period of time, which means that our club was one of the most popular topics being talked about in the world on that social network!

So on we go, our focus though must be on the league game today before we begin to worry about the big one next week. We can?t lose sight of the bread and butter stuff, we need to still establish ourselves in the Conference South before we get any high hopes of winning the FA Cup! Even so, it is a great feeling and it?s excellent to be a part of the club right now.

You Are My Concord!