A long trip and a big game for the Beachboys tomorrow, as they travel to Weston-Super-Mare.  We caught up with manager Adam Flanagan to get his thoughts.

Will the level of performance in the last three matches be enough to beat Weston?

I think if our level of performance is where it has been over the last 3 games then we will be in a strong position to win the game tomorrow. If our performance levels drop then it will be a difficult game for us. I know the players want to do well so tomorrow gives them another opportunity to show us the desire that they have and if they match this with also learning from the mistakes against Maidstone then we will be hard to beat.

This is an important game for both sides, can you gain confidence from the meeting earlier in the season? 

We met on the opening day of the season and many games have passed since then so while it was great to win a lot of things would have changed for both teams since that time. I would imagine having lost to us on the opening day that they will want to put that right tomorrow so we must make sure that this doesn’t happen.

Is it difficult to keep the player’s concentration on the game when you have to travel so far, or is there a certain time in the journey when you say “right let’s switch on”?

As a player as soon as I woke up on a Saturday I would be thinking about the game, the opposition striker I would be playing against other key players in the oppositions team that may influence the game and what could I do to stop them and help win my team the game. I expect tomorrow to be the same for our players too irrespective of the coach journey. As commented it is an important game as we are not too far part in our league positions and both teams will want to win desperately so we must be switched on and focused on the task ahead.


Adam was talking to Chris Clark.